• CNC Haas UMC-750 5 Axis Universal Machining Center 30″x20″x20″
  • CNC Haas UMC-750SS 5 Axis Universal Machining
  • CNC Haas VF-4 20″x50″
  • CNC Haas VF-2 16″x30″
  • CNC Mazak VTC-16 16″x40″
  • Bridgeport with 2 Axis Control
  • Bridgeport with 3 Axis Control
  • CNC Haas VF-6SS
  • Haas VF-7 Cat 50 Taper 84″ X 32″
  • Haas 5 Axis Rotary Unit TRT-210
mills - UMC-750
Haas Vf-7  cat 50 taper
Haas 5 axis rotary unit TRT-210


lathes - MT-415


  • CNC Ecoca MT-415 20″ dia x 119″ turning with 27″ dia swing over bed
  • CNC Mazak QT-28N 16″ dia x 38″ turning
  • CNC Hyundai HT-15 10″ dia x 19″ turning
  • CNC Mazak Quick Turn Universial 250M


Wire EDM:

GE-SAi offers all the standard features AccuteX users have come to rely upon for many years. The standard direct couples 25mm C1 Class ball screws driven by 0.000004” Delta motors and drives, Hiwin linear guide ways and Fagor scales insure smooth, accurate motion for the life of the machine.

Work piece size 34.6 x 24.8 x 8.4
Travel x15.75 y11.8 z8.5.

mills - UMC-750




  • 48″ x 80″ x40″ Sheffield RS-150 CMM
  • Faro Laser Tracker Vantage
  • Nikon MCA1 Articulated Measuring Arm



36″ Blanchard Grinder
Covel Surface Grinder 6″x18″


75 Ton “H” Frame Press
36″ Doall Vertical Saw
Horizontal Saws
Mig Welders